Specialists in block trades mediation in futures and dolar/peso options in Argentina.

About Us

JA y Asociados S.A., known today as Interdeal, is a company dedicated exclusively to block trades mediation in futures and dólar/peso options in Argentina, officially recognized and regulated by ROFEX and the CNV.

JA y Asociados S.A. was acquired by Laurent Castro as the main stock holder, and since then its volumen has incremented exponentially averaging 25% of the total share. Among our clients we have the main financial entities in the world.

Our Office

Our Team

We have the most professional and experienced team in the industry. Our team is formed by:

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Carlos Comba

1974-1982: Banco Central de la Republica Argentina. Foreign Trade General Manager, operations table. Private and public bank relations

1982-1990: Rodolfo L.J. Fresco y compañía. General Manager, in charge of the trading table and relationship with banks and clients

1990-2015: Osvaldo D.A. Gonzalez. Trader. In charge of mediating between banks and client orders.

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Laurent Castro

1986-1990: Banco Mildesa. Commercial Operator

1990-1993: Rodriguez De La Fuente. Bond Broker

1994: EXCO. Vicepresident. NY. Developed one of the first Argentinean accounts. Handled European accounts.

1995-2001: RMJ. Vicepresident. NY. Mediation relations. Training members in subjects of debt and emerging markets. Mediated Brady bonds and expired pre-Brady loans.

2001-2003: Eurobrokers. London. Vicepresident. Exceeded sales objective developing Hedge Funds relations and coverage of first line banks.

2003-2010: Rio Tunuyan SRL. General Manager. Personal agriculture project.

2011-2015: Premium Securities SA. Trader. Managed several local Bond and Rofex trading accounts.

2011-2015: SAAF SA. Trader. Intervention in Rofex futures contracts.

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Alejandro Cremonese

1989-1998: Lopez Leon Broker: Exchange and stock trader.

1999-2015: Osvaldo Gonzalez: Exchange and Rofex agent.

2015-Hoy: J.A y Asociados: Dollar futures Rofex trader


Our Values

TRANSPARENCY. We develop our activity honestly, transparently and with solid professional ethics, having no tollerance for dishonest practices and assuring this with a strict complientment of applicable law as well as high-standards in internal ethics policies.
We seek excelence through an organization flexible in its processes, with a solid methodology and a trading excecution gyuded by the highest standards of quality world-wide.
MISSION. Provide financial trading services of the highest quality to those clients that aspire to the best trading optimization, guaranteing the fastest turnaround and efficiency in generation of liquidity. We do this insuring the best professional ethics in each trade given the high relevance and demand of our clients, between whom are the biggest financial entities in America.
VISION. Become a reference in the sector, with lidership in services, being known for encouraging the most efficient mechanisms to guarantee the fastest excecution in each block trades. To be known by our client services quality and mentality and for the professionalism of our block trades.
VALUES. To achieve our Organization vision, we present a very concrete strategy and an excelent human team that owns the values established by INTERDEAL in their daily performance, which identify us as a reference in our industry. We are a company with vision in the future, thrive to grow and client focus with a leader mentality.